HopLop is the largest adventure park in Finland

HopLop Group was established in 2005, and today it is the largest children’s indoor exercise and adventure park chain and privately-owned activity-provider for children in Finland. Our social mission is to bring joy and delight to the everyday lives of families with children and to do it in an easy and safe manner.

HopLop offers activities to children throughout the country

HopLop operates nationally and our parks can be found in each region of the country from Turku to Joensuu and Helsinki to Oulu. HopLop parks also include high-quality family restaurants and birthday party services. HopLop also operates successfully in Germany.

“Yes!” to all children and parents

HopLop aims to make society more child-friendly and more fun. Children hear the word “no” too often (some studies suggest this happens up to 400 times per day!). This is why we believe that it is our job to say “yes” and create places where children can run and play, jump and frolic – having fun safely and releasing extra energy.

Many HopLop employees are accustomed to busy family life. Therefore, we know how important it is to ensure that the parents and guardians can also enjoy themselves and are able to relax. Our play areas are safe, our family restaurants offer high-quality home-style food, and our couches provide a comfortable place to rest in the middle of play. And when it is time to celebrate, we can organize a fun birthday party for your child and their friends, where everything is taken care for you.

Exciting adventures in safe, clean, and high-quality manner

The needs of children and families are always used as the basis for the design of our parks. We have designed HopLop to be a versatile and safe adventure park, where parents can allow their children to move freely and where children of all ages can enjoy fun and challenging activities.

Climbing, running, and activities support the development of the child’s self-confidence and courage, and the safe environment ensures that you rarely need to say “no”.

All equipment used in our parks are approved in accordance with EU standards and our parks personnel inspects the equipment daily to ensure that they are safe and fun to play with. Through our HopLop health security program, we also ensure that all HopLop parks are hygienic: parks and the equipment are cleaned daily, and infection risks are managed appropriately and minimized as far as possible.

Each of us is equally important

At HopLop, we treat all our customers and employees equally, equitably, and respectfully. Bullying, discrimination, or any other inappropriate behavior will not be accepted, and we will address any shortcomings we observe.

HopLop steps


HopLop is founded.


HopLop’s first-generation park concept is developed and the first HopLop built.


New HopLop parks are built in Finland.


HopLop 2.0. A new HopLop park concept is developed and HopLop experiences a complete renewal. We begin building larger parks based on the new concept and open their doors to customers.


First HopLop park in Germany. HopLop parks in Pasila’s Mall of Tripla and Helsinki Outlet are built and open for customers.


Capman Special Situations Fund acquires HopLop, and the company returns to the growth path after the pandemic measures.


HopLop parks


Customer satisfaction (NPS)


children and adults visit the park every year

Best memories are created together

While the equipment and facilities of our parks play a central role in a successful HopLop experience, it is the friendly and professional service provided by our personnel that ensures that your HopLop visit is unforgettable.

The smiling faces and the customer satisfaction feedback provided by our customers throughout Finland and in Germany are important indicators of success to us, and we use them to guide our activities and development.

Adventuring is also an enjoyable job

HopLop is a major employer of youths throughout Finland. We offer many young people their first job. We provide our employees versatile resources for working life and the opportunity to take responsibility, develop further, and grow in their duties. We also offer training jobs, on-the-job learning, and work experience opportunities for students and pupils.