Use the discount code Monthlypass

Monthly Pass to the birthday girl or boy!

Enter the code MONTHLYPASS on the booking summary page to activate the discount. The birthday girl or boy gets their very own Monthly Pass to HopLop which entitles them to a festive entry for a whole month, even every single day!

1 Monthly Pass per birthday party with 7 partygoers.

Most cheerful party of the year

Kids’ birthday parties starting at EUR 13.90 per child

Throwing a HopLop birthday party is child’s play! All you need to do is choose the date and the refreshments, and we will take care of the rest. The price options cater to all budgets – and here’s an extra tip: you can party for less on weekdays, with prices starting at EUR 13.90 per child.

Book now, cancel if you need to

If you can’t make it, no worries! You can postpone or cancel a birthday party 48 hours before the scheduled time. Instead of the booking fee, you will receive a EUR 50 compensation gift card, which is valid for 12 months.

Delicious catering for kids’ birthday parties

Having trouble finding suitable party refreshments? At a HopLop birthday party, we take care of everything for you, all you need to do is tell us what kind of party you want. Please remember that you may not bring your own refreshments to a HopLop birthday party. Choose one of the refreshments packages from HopLop’s selection and add the extra refreshments you want.

Donut Party

The party refreshments include: Popcorn, crisps, candy, donuts, ice cream, juice box and water.

Snack Party

The party refreshments include: Popcorn, candy, Foccacina ham-pineapple, dip vegetables (cucumber and carrot), dip, ice cream, juice box and water.

Popcorn Party

The party refreshments include: Popcorn, candy, ice cream, juice box and water.

Birthday themes

Do you want to party under a shining disco ball or in a pirate’s cabin?
Choose the birthday theme according to the birthday girl’s or boy’s wishes and make the day memorable!

Awesome invitations for awesome friends!

We know there isn’t always time to make your own, so you can download and print invitations for your HopLop birthday party below.

Pirate invitation

Space invitation

Princess invitation

Disco invitation

Good to know about children’s birthday parties

What happens before the party?

Everything will be ready when you arrive: the birthday room is decorated and the table is set!  If you have also purchased an activity, it will be ready and awaiting the adventurers.

The birthday family receives the guests and ensures that the adventures in the park go smoothly throughout the visit. Very important! Everyone must wear socks – including adults – and then it’s adventure time!

We offer complementary coffee or tea to adults supervising the party. The number of adult supervisors is not limited.

Your chosen birthday room is reserved for you for 1 hour. You may come play at the park before your reservation begins and continue adventuring after it ends. State your arrival time in the reservation so we know to be ready to receive the party crowd!

We have prepared several invitation templates that you can use to create your own invitations!  You should ask your guests about any possible diet restrictions beforehand and let us know about them. It is good to ask the party guests to arrive slightly before the reservation begins to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you want to include an extra surprise for the partygoers, you can order little presents for them, for example. You may also delight adults with their own food and drink offering: when you preorder you receive a 50 % discount.  You can place all these orders conveniently through My HopLop.

You can easily modify the birthday party through My HopLop until 48 hours before the reservation. After this changes must be made via customer service. With last minute changes, always contact our customer service by phone!

Good to know about children’s birthday parties

What happens on the big day?

You should be here early to receive the guests. We recommend that you arrive some 15 minutes before the time stated on the invitation (with the exception of birthday parties beginning at 10 AM). When you arrive at the park, let the staff at the checkout know that you have arrived. They will take you to a waiting room where you receive the guests. You will get a bag for presents at the checkout.

The birthday party is paid for at the checkout before the party or during the room reservation. It is important to let us know the number of participants as precisely as possible beforehand. Entrance fees are charged based on the number of people who attend, but food and drinks may be charged based on the number of participants given to us beforehand.

If you wish, you are welcome to come play even before the room reservation begins! If you do, the children will be guided to play in the park directly from the checkout with a stamp on their arm. When the reservation begins, the children will be called to the birthday room via the PA system. Important note! Wash your hands before moving to the room and its table full of treats.

When your one-hour reservation begins, HopLop's birthday instructor will arrive in the waiting room or call the children to the birthday room via the PA system. And hey, everyone must remember to wash their hands before entering the room!

HopLop’s instructor will go through all the crucial play and safety instructions. The instructor will go over the treats on the birthday table and any additional products you may have ordered. At the moment, each guest will receive their treats set on their own plate. Our staff distributes the food and ice cream cake to everybody. This is done to prevent the spread of germs. The instructor gives adult supervisors a coupon for tea or coffee at the HopLop restaurant.

The instructor brings out the ice cream cake: the birthday boy or girl then gets to blow the candles and the partygoers bellow out the happy birthday song! Then the group can continue enjoying the treats and having adventures in the park until the reservation ends. At this point the instructor leaves, but the staff will still help you with whatever you need.

Note! You are not allowed to bring your own food or drink to the birthday party for food safety reasons. The offering must always be chosen from HopLop’s birthday selection. Ready-made packages can be complemented by adding items to the offering.

Once the one-hour reservation ends, the instructor calls the children to the room via the PA system. If you have booked an adventure, the instructor will get things started and the children can have the adventure on their own. The staff will assist as needed. The activity will last 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the group. The endpoint of the activity is at the checkout. Afterwards the birthday retinue is free to continue their adventures on the park side.

Once the activity has started or the reservation time ends, it is time for us to offer our thanks! If you wish, you may take the treats to the cafe or leave them for us to take care of. We begin cleaning the room immediately after the reservation ends.

We will send a feedback survey to the email address of the person who made the reservation and eagerly await your feedback: it allows us to develop our birthday parties to be even more memorable. We have a monthly raffle among all respondents where we give away a HopLop gift card worth €50.

We hope to see you again soon! We offer the birthday boy or girl and their guests a return ticket at half price – only €9.90! Grab yours at the checkout.