HopLop uses cookies on its website (the so-called cookie function). A cookie is a text file stored in a user’s browser when using the Website. For example, cookies make it possible to monitor the number of users of the Website and to collect information about when and how the Website is used.

The site utilizes the advertising features of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Liana Technologies Oy. The advertising targeting tools described above identify the user with cookies and collect anonymous default information regarding e.g. gender, age group and general interests of users. The tools compile reports on the use of the Site, which HopLop uses to statistics on the number of visitors and to improve the service. In addition, the information collected can be used to target marketing to the customer that is likely to be of interest to him outside the Site, for example by utilizing retargeting.

The customer can disable the use of cookies in their browser settings. For more information on browser-specific instructions, contact your browser manufacturer. HopLop recommends the use of cookies on the Website for the best possible user experience.