Is your child over 8 years old?

Then they are welcome to have an adventure on their own!

Your little rascal has grown so big that you parents no longer have to follow them everywhere. When you give your child HopLop’s Play Permit they get to also come to the park on their own – after a school day, for example.

Then they will be in for something totally different than sitting in one place staring at a screen! There will be things to do from head to toe: bouncing, frolicking, climbing and fun exercise.

You can get a Play Permit for your kid through your My HopLop page.

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Things to know about the Play Permit

The Play Permit issued by a guardian allows children who are over 8 years old to play in HopLop parks without adult supervision.

The easiest way to issue a Play Permit is online. Begin by registering as a My HopLop user and login to your own page. The Play Permit application is available on the front page of My HopLop.

To get the HopLop Play Permit you only have to pay an online delivery fee of €2.90.  The fee is paid through online banking.

A Play Permit issued on location at the park costs €5 with a processing fee of €2.90, which comes to a total of €7.90.

The HopLop Play Permit enters into effect immediately after it is issued.

It remains in effect for 12 months after that. You may check the validity of the permit on My HopLop.

Make sure that your child has the Play Permit when they come to the park. The child can present the QR code of their Permit either on their phone or as a print-out. In addition to the Play Permit the child must have a Kela card or ID with them so that we can confirm their identity.

Remember to make a play time reservation for your child and purchase their ticket at a lower price from the online store. The pre-purchased ticket will also work with a QR code.

Read the terms of the Play Permit application carefully and familiarise yourself with HopLop’s play time rules that can also be found in the application. Make sure that your child knows the rules before arriving at the park.

The guardian is responsible for their child's independent behaviour at the park. HopLop is not responsible for the accident insurance of the user of the Play Permit.

HopLop does not monitor if the child leaves the park or when they leave the park.

It is important that the guardian remains reachable by phone during independent adventures.  The permit application requires a phone number for this purpose.

Old adventure permits filled out at the park remain in use throughout their period of validity.


The guardian can cancel the Play Permit through their My HopLop page. HopLop also reserves the right to refuse a child's Play Permit on account of repeated breaches of its conditions and rules.