HopLop Vantaa is open today until 20:00
We are open Mon 10-20, Tue 10-20, Wed 10-20, Thu 10-20, Fri 10-20, Sat 10-20, Sun 10-20

HopLop Vantaa

HopLop is an exercise adventure park which makes both adults and children laugh. In HopLop, adventurers of all ages can enjoy exercise and games.

Here you can explore the huge labyrinth, bounce in castles, swim in a ball pit or slide down awesome slides. All you need with you is a pair of socks and an open mind – come join us in our adventures!

Supervisors and adventurers should familiarize themselves with the rules of HopLop in advance.

Contact information

  • Antaksentie 4, 01510 Vantaa
  • Open daily 10-20
  • 010 837 3001
  • info.vantaa@hoplop.fi
  • 0,00€ Adults
  • 0,00€ Children under the age of 1
  • 10,00€ 1-2-year-olds
  • 15,00€ Children over the age of 3
  • 1,00€ Game token

The entrance bracelet of HopLop entitles to an unlimited time of uninterrupted play in the HopLop adventure park. All supervisors over the age of 18 go to HopLop exercise adventure parks free of charge. All people below the age of 18 entering the play zone must pay the entrance fee.

We accept the following payment methods:

Cash, bank card, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, DinersClub**, Amex*
* Kerava, Espoo and Kuopio HopLop parks do not accept Amex
** Kuopio HopLop park do not accept Diners Club

Rules of HopLop

Playing in the park happens on one’s account. Parents must supervise their children at all times. You cannot leave your child alone at HopLop.

Please make sure that your child plays fair. Pushing and bullying is prohibited. Our personnel will interfere or remove from HopLop if needed. Please inform our personnel if you observe problems according to bullying or pushing.


Please remeber to wash your hands before coming to the play area.


Please leave your outdoor clothing
at the coat rack.


You cannot wear shoes or be barefoot at the HopLop.


Please enjoy food and beverages bought only from the HopLop cafeteria. Own water bottles are allowed. Do not bring your own food to HopLop (excluding baby food).

Activities and plays

HopLop is full of exciting adventure labyrinths, climbing spots, trampolines and slides. All rides are safe and – first of all – easy to use. All kids can find nice and action-packed things to do according to their own interests and level of development. Here in HopLop, you don’t have to compete; everyone can feel happy about their own successes.

Children learn new skills the best when they are genuinely interested in and excited to do things themselves. It’s easy for children to get excited in the versatile environment of HopLop; a few hours of free play can give quite a push to learning new motor skills or models of exercise. And what’s best, it all comes without thinking – the child’s coordination skills develop during play, on the child’s own terms.

Our selection of activities
includes, e.g.

  • Adventure labyrinths
  • Slides
  • Giant trampolines
  • Building areas
  • Ball pits
  • race tracks,
  • Climbing walls
  • Electronic games.

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