Bring your kids and grab a meal

Now an even tastier menu

The menu at HopLop is now even more delicious. You can find something for every taste and preference, and the menu also caters to vegans. Our product development team works constantly to make sure that our customers can enjoy better food faster and with less effort, together as a family.

Please remember

Only products purchased from HopLop may be enjoyed at the restaurant. You may bring your own baby food and warm it up at our restaurant. In addition, children/adults with multiple allergies may bring their own snacks, if our menu does not include suitable options. We sell 0.5 L bottles of spring water, but you may also bring your own water bottle and drink from it in our facilities.


Main dishes

  • Kids' Falafel 6,90 €
  • Kids' Meatballs à la HopLop 7,90€
  • Frankfurters with French Fries 7,90€
  • Breaded Chicken Fillets with French Fries 7,90€
  • Falafel & Hummus 9,90€
  • Meatballs à la HopLop 10,90€
  • Chicken Skewer & Hummus 13,90€


  • Adventurer Platter 8,90 €
  • Family Platter 23,90€
  • Sweet Potato Fries (L, M, G, Veg) 4,90€
  • Breaded Chicken Fillets / pc 1,80€
  • Mozzarella Sticks / pc 1,40€
  • Cucumber and Carrot Sticks 3,90€


  • Kids' Goodie Burger with French Fries 7,90€
  • Kids' Cheese Burger with French Fries 7,90€
  • Chicken Burger with French Fries 10,90€
  • Veggie Kebab Burger with Sweet Potato Fries 10,90€
  • Cheddar Burger with French Fries 12,90€


  • Warm Seitan Salad 10,90 €
  • Warm Falafel Salad 10,90€
  • Warm Chicken Salad 12,90€
  • Side Salad 1,90€


  • Choose your favourite 1,00 €

    Paprika Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, Aioli (Veg)

Eating at the restaurant

You may only enjoy products bought from our restaurant at the park. You may bring foods for babies under a year old to HopLop. You are allowed bring your own water bottle. Please fill your bottle before coming to the park.

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