Playtime booking terms and conditions

The HopLop online Playtime booking is an online service offered by HopLop Oy. The online Playtime booking system can be used to book playtime in the HopLop parks. By using the service, the user agrees with the conditions described below. “Booking” is used here to refer to the booked playtime. The date refers to the starting time for the booking as determined by the online service. Playtime at HopLop can be booked using the (24 h) online booking service, telephone customer service or at any HopLop park.


To book playtime using the online service, you need to register. A customer can make a booking by calling the HopLop customer service or directly at a HopLop park if there is room for more customers. If the customer is not a registered user, a temporary membership (duration: 90 days) will be created, and the customer can confirm the membership electronically.

There is no charge for making a booking.


The minimum number of participants for a booking is 1 person. The maximum number of participants is 10 persons. The number of persons given here must include all people who will be arriving to HopLop (babies, children and adults).

The HopLop parks can only welcome a limited number of customers at a time, and the maximum number of customers varies between parks.


Up until the time when the booking starts, booking details, such as the date, time or number of persons can be changed in the HopLop online service or by calling the HopLop customer service, as long as the park’s booking situation allows the desired changes.



Up until the time when the booking starts, the booking can be cancelled in the HopLop online service or by contacting the HopLop customer service. Cancelling a booking is free of charge.


If a customer does not use or cancel their booking, the booking will remain active for 1 hour from the time when it starts. After this, the booking is cancelled automatically, and the playtime can be reserved by other customers.


The HopLop booking system is free to use. Park entrance fees will depend on the currently valid price list.


The booking includes a limited amount of playtime. The limited playtime period begins at the date and time determined by the online service (starting time of the booking). If a customer wants to arrive at the park before or after the time determined by the online service, the customer must make these changes to the booking before the booking starts, in the HopLop online service or by contacting the HopLop customer service.

HopLop Oy reserves the right to make changes.