Playtime booking terms and conditions

Terms of Playtime service 

You can book HopLop’s playtime from the online service (24h) maintained by HopLop Oy (Business ID: 2006043-0, Silkkitehtaantie 5 G, 01300 Vantaa), or by phone from customer service.

To make a booking in the online service, registration is required. In addition to booking playtime in the online service, you can pay for your HopLop visit in advance.

By booking HopLop’s playtime, you agree to commit to these terms. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, Advance Booking means unpaid reserved HopLop Play Time, Paid Play Time reserved with Paid Booking, including additional services paid for, and Booking with Advance Booking and Paid Booking.


Visits to HopLop’s indoor adventure parks and additional services provided by HopLop are subject to a fee. Prices for admission and additional services are available on the information page and can also be viewed as part of the booking process.

You can pay an entrance fee when booking playtime or at the park.

Making an advance booking is free of charge.

Number of persons

The maximum number of participants in a booking is 10 people.

All persons arriving (incl. infants, children, and adults) must be notified at the time of booking.

HopLop parks have a limited number of customer places, and the number of customer places varies by location. If you have not reserved a place for all arrivals, it may happen that there are no places left for all arrivals and HopLop will be denied access as a result. In such a situation, HopLop is not obligated to refund the Paid Reservation or to compensate for any other damage caused to you or other visitors to the park because of such situation.

 Time and duration of booking

When booking, you must select the HopLop Indoor Adventure Park, the type of adventure, the number of people, the day and the time. The booking includes a limited playtime at the park of your choice, at a time of your choice, as shown at the time of booking and from the booking confirmation sent to you by email.

When a certain time has been entered in the booking confirmation for the start of the booking (Booking Start Time) The booking will remain active for one hour from the start time of the booking recorded in the booking confirmation, after which the reserved places will be available for others to book. Late arrivals will not extend the playtime, but will end at the end of the booking period indicated on the booking confirmation, when a certain time for the end of the booking has been entered in the booking confirmation (Booking End Time).

Changing a reservation

You may transfer a Paid Reservation through My HopLop online service or HopLop Customer Service if you make the transfer no later than six (6) hours prior to the End Date of the Reservation. If the Paid Booking is valid for the whole day, you must make the transfer before 14:00. It is possible to make a transfer up to 14 days from the date of the original Paid Booking for service products of equivalent or more affordable value. When changing the booking to a more affordable service product, the difference will not be refunded. For example, if the original Paid Booking is made on Monday 6 June, the last possible day to which the booking can be transferred is Monday 20 June.

You can change the information for the Advance Booking, such as the indoor adventure park, the date, time, or number of people, until the start of the Booking in the My HopLop online service or by contacting HopLop Customer Service. If the Advance Booking is valid for the entire day, you must make the change before 14:00.

A prerequisite for implementing the changes is that the reservation situation allows the changes to be made.




You do not have the legal right to cancel the Booking, as this is a leisure service to be performed within a specified period of time (Section 6:16 (11) of the Consumer Protection Act). However, HopLop offers you the right to cancel a Paid Booking no later than the day before by contacting HopLop Customer Service.

You can cancel an Advanced-Booking until the start of the Booking through My HopLop online service or by contacting HopLop Customer Service. However, please notify us of your cancellation as soon as possible so that seats are available for other players.

Cancellation is free of charge.

Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) cooperates with Nets and banks as the provider of the payment intermediation service and the payment service provider. Paytrail Oyj appears as the payee on the account statement and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Oyj has a payment institution license. In the event of a complaint, please contact HopLop in the first instance.

Paytrail OyjBusiness ID: 2122839-7Innova 2Lutakonaukio 740100 JyväskyläPhone: +358 207 181

The amount to be paid is available before the payment is made.


HopLop strives to make sure its indoor adventure parks are safe. However, safety is affected by the actions of each visitor, so there are rules of play in the parks that visitors must follow.

HopLop has not insured visitors

HopLop has not insured people visiting the indoor adventure park with accident insurance. The visitor is responsible for accident insurance.

Force majeure

HopLop shall not be liable for delays, or direct or indirect inconvenience or loss caused by force majeure.

Changes to the Terms of Service

HopLop reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if the change is necessary based on legislation or an official decision.

Customer Complaints and Dispute Resolution

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please contact HopLop Customer Service.

If the matter cannot be resolved through negotiations, you can take the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board ( You should contact Consumer Advice before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board.

Alternatively, the matter may be brought before the district court of your domicile, domicile or HopLop domicile. If you do not have a permanent residence in Finland, the matter may be brought before the Helsinki District Court.


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